The Chronicles…. ….Chapter 13…. ….Ceremonial at Bunker Hill…. Greetings all, and the joy of the day to you. It is Sunday, Dec. 9th, 2012, and the Troop, and Friends, are waking to a beautiful day. The sun appears to be out in full force, sort of, ducking now and then behind some fast moving clouds. […]

The chronicles… ….Chapter 12…. ….Back to the Old State House…. It is early Saturday morning, Dec. 8, and the Troop is arousing for the day’s activity. We have, of course, finished the March, yesterday, however, we have no portrait evidence of having done so. As we walk about the Church Great Room, trying to get […]

The Chronicles… Chapter 11…. ….Evening in Dedham, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church… It was raining as we all left the center of Old Boston, in two separate carriages, in two separate directions, to return to the comforting environs of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, in Dedham. The Troop had all come back in the carriage with Teamster […]

The Chronicles… ….Chapter 10…. ….From Walpole to Dedham, and Beyond… The day breaks later as we hustle out of the inn in Walpole, clear so far, and still, a morning chill greets us with a fresh tang…we should expect nothing else, it being Dec. 7th. We are getting close to the end objective now, but […]

The Chronicles…. ….Chapter 9…. ….Presenting at the Walpole Library The day, Thursday, Dec. 6, which had started so peacefully in the chill of the morning hours, a light fog quickly evaporating, the sun coming to full glory, was starting to become almost ancient history now. It all seemed so long ago, lost in the shuffle […]

The Chronicles…. ….Chapter 8…. ….The road from Wrentham to Walpole…. We have broken camp at a most comfortable Inn, and as we board the Carriages. we note the chill in the air. At first, we must travel to the center of Wrentham to meet with John Kelly, who will be walking with us this day. […]

The Chronicles…. ….Chapter 8…. ……..The Wrentham Library Presentation…. The day was done, we had completed this most recent part of the March to Boston, having arrived at the area of the French Army Camp 53, and then gone beyond. The plan has been to try to do additional miles each day, when we could, to […]

The Chronicles… ….Chapter 7…. ….The Road to Wrentham…. T’was much warmer this day, than just yesterday, the weather a breath of very fresh air, the sky a bit clearer, with the possibility of clearing. There was still a chill in the air, and, after all, it is December, could we expect anything else…? We had […]

I have been asked to give witness to events I took some part in this past December 3rd and 9th in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and twelve. I do so as a new member of a most honorable group of men and woman doing good work honoring the past sacrifices of those […]

The Chronicles…. ….Chapter 6…. ….An Evening in Old Town…. We have arrived at Old Town, and in particular the Congregational Church of North Attleborough, Mass. It is the end of the first day to the March to Boston, the march of Gratitude. It has been rather damp all day, a chill in the air, with […]