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Wandering abit, seemed to have lost our way…but back to it now …

Occasionally, we managed to get a little confused, trying to keep to the Trail..however, it was not a terminal condition… Advertisements

Serge Gabriel gives us the French Anthem …we follow with the National Anthem

Serge Gabriel, French Patriot, delivers the French anthem at the French Army Camp marker Stobne, omn the summit, in North Providence, RI, Monday, Dec. 3rd…

CT. Rep.,Pam Sawyer, speaks to us at the French Monument, in the North Burying Ground, Providence, on Monday morning

Ct. Rep. speaks to the assembly at the French Army marker Stone, the North burying Ground, Providence, RI on Monday Dec. 3rd

The Chronicles, Chapter 4, The First Night

The Chronicles… Chapter 4….. …..First Night….. ………. The Nathaniel Greene Homestead The Carriage ride to the Nathaniel Greene homestead, was longer than expected, dark, and the temperature dropping as we arrived. We were to bed in the caretakers quarters, a rather comfy cottage style abode, the main room bare of but only essentials, for the […]

The Chronicles, Chapter 3, March to Boston

The Chronicles ….Chapter 3… …..First Night…. ….Joy Homestead and the Nathaniel Greene Homestead Greetings all, the days joy to you and yours. We left you earlier as we were ending the march from the Jeremiah Dexter House in Providence, to Slaters Mill, in Pawtucket, RI, some 2 ½ miles or so, about a bit over […]

The Chronicles, Chapter 2, March to Boston

The Chronicles, …Chapter Two… ….The First Day, Dec. 3rd Greetings all, and joys of the day to you. Our first scheduled gathering for the ‘March to Boston’ was to take place at the North Burying Ground, in North Providence, RI. David Holloway and I arrived before the appointed time, in his carriage, ‘George’. We set […]

The Prologue, Chronicles, Chapter 1, March to Boston…

The ‘Chronicles’… ….a telling of ‘Americas March to Yorktown’…. ….The ‘March to Boston’, Dec. 3-9, 2012 Greetings all and the joys of the day to you. We will be posting more written info in the next couple of days or so, to flesh out this latest Troop Movement, the “””March to Boston 2012. We have […]