The Chronicles, Chapter 4, The First Night

The Chronicles…

Chapter 4…..

…..First Night…..

………. The Nathaniel Greene Homestead

The Carriage ride to the Nathaniel Greene homestead, was longer than expected, dark, and the temperature dropping as we arrived. We were to bed in the caretakers quarters, a rather comfy cottage style abode, the main room bare of but only essentials, for the setting of our cots. There was a convenient short passage to the necessary, and with running warm water, it was comfortable enough.

We had enough fuel to keep the fires going all night, we thought, and our own energy, now a bit worn from the activities of the day, to help us sleep through the evening. The home was quite warm, and comfortable, upon our arrival, as we set our beds. David deciding to sleep in the carriage for the evening, it seeming to be a mild night.

We soon learned that was only a temporary condition as the temperature dropped to about freezing, and, during the night, the fire went out, in the cottage.

We awoke in the morning, hastened to the day by the much cooler temperatures in the cottage and the carriage. Our host had been kind enough to set out some morning victuals, of light pastries and coffee, with which we managed to get something in our stomachs before we headed out on the road, going back, by carriage (George) to Slater’s Mill, to start the days walk to North Attleborough,our destination for the 2nd evening.

Before leaving, we took some portraits of ourselves about the Homestead, including some with the Gun placed at the front door of the Homestead, overlooking the lowland approach and the river below. David, our host, arrived shortly before we left and we were able to thank him for the hospitality of the place. It was not my first visit there, I have fond memories of the Home and the staff that keep it a working place, offering a handsome placement in the country side. As with many older homes here in New England, it has had a curious growth of neighborhood next to it, almost hiding this most wondrous example of Colonial home. And this, the home of a famous and brave personage, General Nathaniel Greene, he perhaps better known in the Southern Colonies,for his Generalship, than in his native state of Rhode Island. We bid thee farewell, and must heed the call of the moment, the road to North Attleborough awaits the footsteps of those that Walk in History..

Richard Swartwout

Scribe, Teamster

America’s March to Yorktown 2012

March To Boston

With Kindest Regards,
Richard Swartwout
If you have INTEGRITY, nothing else matters…
If you have NO INTEGRITY, nothing else matters…

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