The Prologue, Chronicles, Chapter 1, March to Boston…

The ‘Chronicles’…

….a telling of ‘Americas March to Yorktown’….

….The ‘March to Boston’, Dec. 3-9, 2012

Greetings all and the joys of the day to you.

We will be posting more written info in the next couple of days or so, to flesh out this latest Troop Movement, the “””March to Boston 2012.
We have been asked a couple of times, to explain, perhaps, as best we can, how this whole ‘marching troop movement thing’ started.
It goes something like this…in 2000, a group we formed was instrumental in staging what we called, at the time, Connecticut’s March to Freedom. It gathered in a number of Re-enactment groups here in Connecticut with the object of replicating what we thought was the ‘original militia response’ to the events in Concord and Lexington, in April of 1775.

Over the course of a long weekend in April, we marched 22 miles, in two days…we had an 18th Century Ball, we set up an educational camp and had approx. 400 school children come thru for a learning experience…we had an 18th Century Church Service.

We did this on our own and really lit up the country side of North East Connecticut, from Brooklyn to the Massachusetts border…
Shortly after that very successful event, David Holloway, one of the folks involved in the 2000 March, suggested, over a friendly rum and coke, that we ‘March to Yorktown’. I tried to shrug it off…and then, for the next couple of years, David kept suggesting that we ‘March to Yorktown’.

Well, finally I ran the idea by the 6th Connecticut Regiment, they approved of the idea…however that was all they did.

Finally, in very late 2005, with the 225th Anniversary of the original ‘March to Yorktown’, by the combined French and American Armies but 6 months away… we started… on our own, with no other organizational help, a planning process…we had some meetings, put together our own organization and a web site, we did some fund raising, we did some research and got others to help, we did some recruiting, we pooled our resources.

Fnally a group of 5 of us embarked on America’s March to Yorktown, with concrete plans to go from Newport, RI (where the French Army was camped) to Philipsburg, NY (present day Greenburg, NY, where the American Army was camped)
The Original group of five, which had been recruited, consisted of Mike Fitzgerald,(King’s Rangers) Dave Fagerberg (un-affiliated and recruited by Mike), David Holloway, (6th CR) Rose Morin (6th CR) and myself (6th CR)… 4 of us were over 50, 1 over 60, 4 were Veterans, one was a Nurse, two of us were Masons, 3 of us are Descendents of folks involved in the American Revolutionary War…
We did the Northern ‘March to Yorktown’ (RI to NY), starting on June 17, 2006… using the original French Army maps and engineering reports (per the Rice & Brown volumns and the further research by Dr. Bob Selig)….stuck to the original military schedule…when the French Army marched, we marched… when the French Army rested, we rested…consequently, 225 yrs. to the day that the French Army marched into a town, we did also… some three (3) weeks and almost 200 miles, from Newport to Philipsburg.

At that point in history, the two Armies were encamped about New York city for some 6 weeks before moving on toward the south…so, during that 6 week period, and we went home.

However, the historic adventure was not complete, and with 4 willing to go on to Yorktown, they did, under the leadership of Mike, David, Raose and Dave continued on…they started August 18th and arrived in Yorktown on October. 7th, 2006.

I stayed home to attend business, run the website, deflect problems, etc…
All of the 2006 March to Yorktown is documented at the following…

Please be so kind as to visit and read of that adventure, and what an adventure it was…
Thank you America, for supporting America’s March To Yorktown, 2006…

And now we begin the Chronicling of ‘The March of Gratitude, the March to Boston, 2012.’..

Let this adventure begin……….

With Kindest Regards,
Richard Swartwout
If you have INTEGRITY, nothing else matters…
If you have NO INTEGRITY, nothing else matters…

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  1. Let this adventure begin………. Indeed!

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