The Chronicles…Chapter 10…Walpole to Dedham and beyond

The Chronicles…
….Chapter 10….
….From Walpole to Dedham, and Beyond…

The day breaks later as we hustle out of the inn in Walpole, clear so far, and still, a morning chill greets us with a fresh tang…we should expect nothing else, it being Dec. 7th. We are getting close to the end objective now, but for today we are hoping to make it to Dedham, and a night’s lodging at St’ Paul’s Church there. At least, that is the plan.
We have been putting miles in the bank for a couple of days now. Originally the plan would have left us with this day as the longest trek day, but after having put more miles in, every day, we now find that we are tantilizingly close to the end of the trek, and that would be the Circle of Brick and Stone that marks the spot of the Boston Massacre, in front of the Old State House, downtown Boston, and the hub of the Freedom Tail.
We leave early and get a breakfast as soon as we can. We now have two vehicles with us…Judi is in her smaller carriage, I in ‘George’ (the baggage train), and Mike, David and Dave walking. They gather the Colors and are off. We know for sure that this will be the most frantic section of the March, what with the amount of traffic and cities and towns that we will be traveling through. Communication and directions will be difficult, and we try to make sure that the carriages are not much more that line of sight away from the Troop. Of course, that is just not always possible now. In a more rural area, there was always a convenient place to pull off the road, however, here in the cities, not so much.
However, the going is good and the road relatively straight, and as usual, it keeps changing name as we move along, from town to town. For the most part we are doing fine, having started were we left off the day before…moving along on the East street which is also the 27 road, it becomes Short street, and then after some time we turn onto Old Post Road, from there onto Pleasant, and then to Neoponset…it is the Washington Street that we are looking for now, and we find it with no problem. We move into the outskirts of Norwood, following the Washington street, it is now also called the 1A road (again…?), over the 95 road and then turn onto the Highland street.
It is here that come into the vicinity of the French Army Camp #54, then turning left on Court street, we pass St. Paul’s Episcopal church, where we will be lodging this evening. Shortly thereafter we turn right onto East street, the Troop moving very well now, with lots of folks flashing their carriage lanterns at them as they pass, or honk their horns. We are in full city life now, with much traffic to be concerned with and t’is very difficult to find a place to pull over. We mange to get a few stops in, the men are doing fine, taking a short breather now and then for some refreshment and sustenance, bananas seem to work really well. We go thru downtown Dedham, with some major traffic interruptions due to construction in the area, new bridges, overpasses and the like. The Troop is greeted on the street by folks that want to take their portraits, and we do likewise..watching those that are watching us. Holiday decorations are up, lights twinkling, people bustling about, lots of grins and scratching of heads as the Troop goes by. The anticipation of being close to the goal is getting to all of us now, the step seems to quicken.
Moving out of the center of Dedham, knowing we will be back in a matter of hours, the Troop glides along. The weather, while occasionally dark and overcast, is holding, the temperature moderately cold. The traffic, so thick in places as to be almost impenetrable by carriage, is certainly easier to walk. On the Troop goes, determined…
We follow Washington Street, then to Lower East street, to Center…here we see a large, operating, gravel pit…we follow on Center street, on to South street, then Walker, back to Center, we pass another Monument to Soldiers of another War in the mid 19th Century, the Civil War…then onto South and back to Center, again.
We follow on Center for quite some distance, turning finally onto Roxbury, then to Dudley, which becomes Kenilworth and finally, back to Washington. This is now our final passage into Boston. This road will eventually widen out considerably, into more of a boulevard than a street, with large, imposing buildings on either side. As we near the Old Center of Boston, we are concerned that trying to move around there, with the large carriage, may be difficult. We do have Judi, in the smaller carriage, that is more suited to the inner city terrain..I decide that I must not only park the carriage, but that I must stay with it as well, we have much camp inventory inside that must be protected. The sky is darkening, we can not tarry long… I bid the Troop on their way, after securing a parking place on the road, perhaps a mile or so from the Old State House, perhaps less… and move on they do, with the smaller vehicle and Teamster Judi following and shadowing their every move.
The Troop is not gone but for a few minutes when the rains start in earnest. I communicate with the Troop to see if they desire the Oil Cloths as protection, but they seem to be quite satisfied. After a short time I receive a communication from the Troop, they have arrived at the destination, the Old State House. It is decided that rather than try to navigate to find each other in the City, wee will navigate separately, back to St. Paul’s, in Dedham. I start up the navigating device, and following instructions from the pilot, I head out of town. T’is a bit bitterswet, I must admit, to have come this far and ended up a bit short of the goal. We also realize that we had no portrait taking equipment, for the Troop, at the finish. Perhaps, on the morrow, we can revisit…

Next Post…The Evening in Dedham and St. Paul’s…

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