The Chronicles… ….Chapter 7…. ….The Road to Wrentham…. T’was much warmer this day, than just yesterday, the weather a breath of very fresh air, the sky a bit clearer, with the possibility of clearing. There was still a chill in the air, and, after all, it is December, could we expect anything else…? We had […]

I have been asked to give witness to events I took some part in this past December 3rd and 9th in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and twelve. I do so as a new member of a most honorable group of men and woman doing good work honoring the past sacrifices of those […]

The Chronicles…. ….Chapter 6…. ….An Evening in Old Town…. We have arrived at Old Town, and in particular the Congregational Church of North Attleborough, Mass. It is the end of the first day to the March to Boston, the march of Gratitude. It has been rather damp all day, a chill in the air, with […]

The Chronicles… ….Chapter 5…. ….The March to North Attleborough (Old Town)… It is early Tuesday morning, at the Natahaniel Greene Homestead. We have rousted ourselves from our sleep, rolled up the overnight gear, packed the carriages, and are on the road to the Slater’s Mill. We have some miles to go in the carriages, this […]

Occasionally, we managed to get a little confused, trying to keep to the Trail..however, it was not a terminal condition…

Serge Gabriel, French Patriot, delivers the French anthem at the French Army Camp marker Stobne, omn the summit, in North Providence, RI, Monday, Dec. 3rd…

Ct. Rep. speaks to the assembly at the French Army marker Stone, the North burying Ground, Providence, RI on Monday Dec. 3rd