The Chronicles…Chaper 8…Wrentham Library presentation

The Chronicles….
….Chapter 8….
……..The Wrentham Library Presentation….

The day was done, we had completed this most recent part of the March to Boston, having arrived at the area of the French Army Camp 53, and then gone beyond. The plan has been to try to do additional miles each day, when we could, to perhaps make up for a time that we could not be moving along, due to whatever mishaps may occur, ie: rain, snow, ice, injury or illness. so far, we have navigated fairly well, the Troop is healthy and the weather, while showing an occasional tooth, has been quite tolerable. We are blessed, we feel, and hope it all continues…
We have managed to obtain a comfortable habitat for the evening, thanks to our hosts, Mr. & Mrs. Leonard. Rooms have been provided, with hot running water and showers, we take full advantage and then we must declare ourselves ready for the evening’s presentation at the Wrentham Library. We are never really quite sure who, or if any, will come to listen to our presentation. We are always pleasantly surprised by the group of folks, who, braving the evening travel, come to hear our story, ask questions, or even teach us a thing or two. It seems to happen at all of our stops, this sharing of knowledge. We are grateful for the interaction and the moments of sharing, and again, a good group of folks come out this evening.
There are some very pleasant moments this evening. We recognize in the gathering the folks that we met along the road in the afternoon, the same folks that had the flag and vehicle display. I almost do not recognize them as they are now dressed in contemporary clothing, not the style of the WW II years we met them in, earlier in the day.
There is good and gentle conversation among us all gathered here, we all being eager and willing students of history. We close the evening, and gather about the collected food stuffs, and beverages, offered by our hosts. This is a good time to talk in smaller groups, with the gathering, before we are all to be going to home. the wind has picked up and the chill has deepened. We note the cold breeze coming through the doors at the coming and goings of the crowd, and soon, we too, must take out leave. We gather our Colors and Maps, and make haste to return to the evening’s Camp, I to catch up on the days notes and to post communications and messages, whilst the others do what they must to get ready for the next day’s March, mostly, that is, to rest.
After the evening has become quiet, I close the message center, turn out the light, and I too must rest up for the morrow…

Next Post… The Road to Walpole…

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