The Chronicles, Chapter 3, March to Boston

The Chronicles

….Chapter 3…

…..First Night….

….Joy Homestead and the Nathaniel Greene Homestead

Greetings all, the days joy to you and yours. We left you earlier as we were ending the march from the Jeremiah Dexter House in Providence, to Slaters Mill, in Pawtucket, RI, some 2 ½ miles or so, about a bit over an hours walk. As I stated, t’was a good day for a walk, sunny, with mild December weather, the temperature dropping as the Sun left the heavens.

After meeting up with other folks at the Slater’s Mill, it was time to board the carriages for the evenings repast, and take a journey to the Joy Homestead, Cranston, Ri. Afer a journey of some 35 minutes or so,on the 95 Road, we placed our carriages in the front yard of the Joy Homestead, a well cared for, solid and inviting structure, built in 1754, home of Joy Job. It was also visited by our allies, the French Army, in 1781, and thus we have completed the first circle.

It is an inviting abode, no doubt, the candles casting a warm glow upon the entrance way as we arrived, piecemeal in our carriages. As I entered from the small ell on the back of the main house, and walked directly into the main room, the house was starting to awaken to the nighttime, our foot steps sharp upon the floor, the room complete with fire place and a set table…

We had arrived at the dusk of the evening, when the shadows and the cooler air of December can give you a sense of happy anticipation. The house slowly started to fill, warming with the crackle of the fire, tended by Alex, and with the animation of its inhabitants and visitors. The rest of the house staff, in full welcoming, were about the business of getting our evening victuals ready for our consumption.

Soon, as the fire started to warm the fire back, and shed its heat into the room, the activities of the inhabitants increased many fold, with laughter and gaiety supreme, along with a particular gill of a rum ration helping the conversation along. The fire, and the spirits, warmed the listeners and tellers of stories, as the fire roared back it’s approval.

Ah, the many delightful joys of a table alight with candles and good conversation can, at times, be most welcome and rewarding. the repast, prepared by the staff was most excellent…cured ham, potato in a salad, fire brewed chicken stew, baked beans, cole slaw, breads and sumptuous pies passed along the table top, with hands taking this and that… a most excellent gathering of dinner mates, all attended by the ever dutiful Mistress Lydia, Keeper of the House…

…. to soon, having reached our fill of good will, and sedated by the food, the fire and the spirits, it was time to take our leave, as we must yet, travel again, to our nights lodging, at the Nathaniel Greene Homestead, still some miles away…our rest must calls…

Richard Swartwout


Dec. 3, 2012

With Kindest Regards,
Richard Swartwout
If you have INTEGRITY, nothing else matters…
If you have NO INTEGRITY, nothing else matters…

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